Port Redevelopment & Relocation
New Ferry Terminal - Saudi Border Crossing

Preliminary Design, PPP Analysis & Evaluation*

Dr. J. Michael Cobb

Displayed below are selected extracts from a financial and project feasibility analysis presentation regarding development of a new combined ferry terminal and border crossing complex to be constructed on the Jordanian border with Saudi Arabia. 

The presentation addressed market demand-traffic analysis, alternative Public-Private-Partnership ( PPP) financing strategies, preliminary design and costs-cash flow-ROI analysis, alternatives evaluation and related recommendations regarding development, implementation and longer-term operations of the new facility.

A new ferry terminal is essential for Aqaba and Jordan for several reasons. The existing terminal's capacity, both marine side and land side, provides less than thirty percent of needed facilities and services for the current traffic which  primarily is between Aqaba to Nuweiba , Egypt. About one hour by Fast Ferry from Aqaba , the ferry serves is a prime route for international tourists, regional vacationers and for Egyptian's traveling to Saudi Arabia on pilgrimage or for work in Saudi or the Arabian Gulf states. 

Also, existing security measures at the terminal are seriously inadequate in light of the increasing regional and international terrorism risks. Also, the existing ferry terminal must be moved to allow expansion of Aqaba's container terminal, a expansion required within the next five years in order to meet the growing import-export containerized commodity traffic central to Jordan overall economy.

Strategic Regional Context
Gulf of Aqaba

* Note: Except for the author's explanatory writing, all Aqaba data & exhibits presented on this website are based on information previously and publicly released by ADC and ASEZA. Please see the Jordanian government's ASEZA and ADC websites for the latest information regarding the Aqaba Sepcial Economic Zone and its many private and public sector investment projects and potentials. 

Impact of Iraq Stabilization Scenarios
.ADC Ferry Terminal development options under various PPP models
ADC Advantages & Disadvantages of PPP options
PPP options evaluated against ADC priority objectives
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