Metro Fringe Expansion
Urban Design
Caracas, Venezuela 

Montalban La Vega District Development Plan 


Dr. J. Michael Cobb, PP, AICP

Montalban District 
Metro Fringe Expansion,
Urban Design,
Municipal Zoning Guidelines
& Phased Development Plan

Located in the Montalban La Vega district near the western fringe of the Caracas metropolitan region, Dr. J. Michel Cobb was principal project planner and urban designer for a major international development consulting firm for this public-private development project and phased urban development implementation plan. 

Prepared for a leading Venezuelan private investment group, the team included local Venezuelan consultants, Venezuelan academics advisors and was coordinated with and approved by various Caracas governmental agencies and local community groups .

Encompassing an area over 6,000 acres, the phased project master plan included: development program for 4,000 dwelling units (program specified middle income households);  coordination with public upgrading program for low-income unplanned hillside "rancho" housing; regional and local commercial space; community support facilities, recreation, infrastructure and transportation plan for 25,000 person community. The plan included detailed urban design criteria and guidelines; zoning analysis and recommendations; market analysis, financing options, financial feasibility analysis and an active public coordination program. 

Metropolitan Development & Expansion
Housing, Commercial, Community Facilities, 
Transportation & Linear Park System
Caracas, Venezuela


6,000 acre site located in western Caracas metro area
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Caracas metro east-west valley & western view to project site
Caracas metro ring of hillside ranchos (barrios)
Hillside ranchos north of project site
Existing typical middle income apartment blocks east of project boundary
6,000 acre project site located in Caracas western metro area
Metro line & ranchos to north, university to west, apt. blocks to east, hillside preserve to south
Spatial structure and site plan
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Parks, recreation, schools and integrated open space system
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Mixed-use plan: housing, commercial, schools, recreation,
 regional commercial & mass transit connection
For detailed view of western half of site, click here
For detailed view of eastern half of site, click here 
Urban Design Concept 
4,000 dwelling units mixed-use middle income community
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Metro stops planned for eastern & western boundaries of project site.
Architectural - Urban Design concepts
Middle income housing design concepts
Regional commercial center concepts
Neighborhood design concepts


PROCESS: Planning - Design - Community Interface
Input to Caracas Metro Planning Dept Review Application
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