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Urbanism3 is an international group of development professionals, researchers and educators committed to providing assistance to developing country "Third World" clients - both public and private - in their efforts to improve the lives of the poor in the rapidly growing cities of the developing world. 
What is meant by Urbanism3? 
Our group, called Urbanism3, has evolved its name from the no- longer-useful term, Third World Urbanism, which previously has been used to differentiate the poor countries of the world (what's now often termed the Global South) from the First World (developed countries mainly of the West) and the Second World (those middle income and occasionally including the "emerging" economies) whose economies and societies are moving from widespread poverty to incorporate a growing middle middle class - although widespread poverty and other inequalities are still present. 
And although there is much institutional and academic focus on Urbanism (generally, and often New Urbanism) our view is that the challenges and rapidly expanding cities of the Global South call for a new vocabulary, vision and professional discourse about the role of professionals, their organizations, academics and institutions approach to urban development - approaches grounded in the real involvement, unique circumstances and experiences of people and societies in the  Global South. The urban planning, urban environmental design, infrastructure, engineering and economic development professional in the Global North have valuable skills for assisting the Global South. There is substantial doubt, however, (at least to our group) as to whether there is meaningful commitment, and therefore relevance, of the Global North professional groups in directly assisting the people of the Global South as they face massive urbanization challenges unimagined in the developed world. Our assessment so far, is that prospects are dim. 
Our belief is that the dynamism and newly evolving spatial forms and socioeconomic organizations of the future urbanization of much of humanity is now to be found in the uniquely different and vastly expending cities and countries of the Global South - or as our group terms our focus, the new evolving century of  Urbanism3
Our Professional Resources: Our international network of professionals include: economists and financial specialists; urban and regional planners; engineers and architects; socio-cultural and related development researchers; grey and green infrastructure specialists; environmental scientists; gender and educational consultants; and community outreach and organizational development specialists. For a listing of our Senior Consultants and Affiliates please click here.

Our Organization: Urbanism3 is a non-profit research and public services institute sponsored and administered by IDC International Development Consultants, LLC. Urbanism 3 is currently being organized and chartered for U.S. governmental approval as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit "public charity" for educational, environmental, public health support, scientific, urban improvement, economic development and related charitable activities. We are headquartered in Princeton, New Jersey USA with an affiliated network of consultants located in various cities throughout the developed and developing world.

Leadership: Urbanism3's founder and interim managing director is Dr. J. Michael Cobb, an international urban development specialist. With over thirty years experience, Dr. Cobb has lived and worked in many regions of the developing world, including Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Caribbean and the Middle East.


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